FUMMQ - Ferenc und Magnus Mehl Quartett - Once Upon And So On

Art.Nr. JAW020
Magnus Mehl (as), Ferenc Mehl (dr), Martin Schulte (g), Fedor Ruskuc (b)
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8 ONCE UPON 1924


 The narrative tool “once upon a time” marks a story as a fairytale.
It appears both timeless and up-to-date – building a bridge between distant times and the present, where
listeners feel involved and taken along.
This also poses the desired effect of the current album. Individual compositions thereby represent
significant personal, artistic and creative moments and episodes.
Tales, in which laws of nature are replaced by wonder give rise to fascinating fictional worlds. Cheerful and
Please enter the magical world of „FUMMQ“.
This formation around the brothers Magnus and Ferenc Mehl has dedicated themselves to modern,
unaltered Jazz. Their fresh and intense band concept includes not only original new compositions, but also
deep and emotional ballads. In their music these four show no fear and hesitation to dig deep into the
history of Jazz; and yet, they never lose their personal and explosive style, giving their music both energy
and soul.
At the end of 2009 through the beginning of 2010 the band introduced their new CD “Baden Verboten” on
two national and international tours, featuring the brilliant New Yorker Saxophone player Jake Saslow. Jake
Saslow was a scholarship musician at the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute where he worked with
legends such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, and Ron Carter.
The Ferenc and Magnus Mehl Quartet consists of young musicians who had been selected and supported
by the National German Youth Jazz Orchestra and various State Youth Jazz Orchestras. All of them have
made a name and achieved success in multiple previous formations and groups. Those achievements
include, for example, awards from the “Jugend jazzt” competition, and being a finalist at the European
Yamaha Sax Contest.
With gigs at the Elorrio Jazz- and Bluesfestival in Spain, and the nationwide Youth Festival Leipzig, among
others, as well as countless concerts in renown Jazz Clubs the band further established itself and earned
national and international recognition. In July 2006 the band won first place under the name Magnus Mehl
Quintet at the Getxo Jazz Festival, a European wide jazz competition.
Through this well- known award the band was included into the main program of the festival. They played
concerts with Eddie Palmieri and his Afro- Caribbean All-Stars and the Billy Cobham-Lockwood String
Quartet. From these concerts a live CD of the band was published by the festival’s label.
Furthermore, the combo came in second at the 28th International Hoilaart Jazz Competition in September
2006 and first at the Jimmy Woode Jazz Award. Within this competition a jury around piano player Kenny
Baron also awarded the band with three additional prizes for outstanding individual musicians. Multiple
times did the band tour through the clubs of the German jazz scene, and play at established international
festivals, including “VS-swingt”, the Ibiza Jazz Festival, the Pancevo Jazz Festival, or in Kopenhagen, by
invitation of the German embassy.
Moreover, the ensemble was invited by the Goethe Institute to do a tour in Serbia. During this tour the
musicians hosted a Combo- and Improvisations Workshop in the course of the Novi Sad Jazz Festival.
Their harmony on and off the stage, and their captivating, energetic solo performances excite crowds over
and over again. The fresh and unconventional style of the Ferenc and Magnus Mehl Quartet in addition to
their charismatic and unforced appearance makes it impossible to escape the magic of their music.